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For Parents

Welcome to the BearBoy Club:
we’ve got the perfects apps for your child’s language learning success!

There are many apps out there that teach second language learning for kids. Read here to find out how we are different.

Your child’s learning adventure begins with a new friend — BearBoy!

BearBoy is a smart and curious little Bear from China who is going to pre-school in America.  Your child:

  • Meets new friends ready to play and learn together
  • Goes to a fun pre-school with BearBoy
  • Plays learning games that teach words in context
  • Learns a new language along with BearBoy and friends

Language learning in context

Children acquire language quickly, easily and naturally in the context of their environment.  Most language apps teach word memorization: the names of colors, objects, numbers, and so on.

  • BearBoy Apps help your child learn a new language, and so much more, naturally and in a stimulating environment
  • BearBoy Apps provide a fun world of school and friends where your child is excited to learn and play

Natural learning

As parents, we have all had the pleasure of reading storybooks to our children.  Scientifically, it’s one of the most important ways that a child acquires language. Each BearBoy Club app offers StoryTime stories, taken from folk tales and fairy tales that are part of cultural learning.

Each StoryTime story has:

  • Wonderful illustrations
  • Narration in English and Mandarin, with one-click switch between languages Clickable characters that repeat dialogue
  • A fun word bank to reinforce vocabulary learning

Start your child’s language learning adventure: Bilingual is Best!

Kids are awesome. They have the ability to absorb a new language quickly and naturally — and this helps boost their overall development and academic performance.

Research on testing bilingual children suggests that these are some of the benefits from learning a second language:

  • Improved attentive focus and cognition
  • Improved goal-oriented behavior
  • Improved self-monitoring
  • Improved social and emotional skills
  • Improved working memory and analysis

Exposing your child to a second language — and culture — can have long-time positive results, and provides your child with the skills to learn, succeed and prosper

Start your child’s language learning adventure:
download the BearBoy English or BearBoy Mandarin app now!