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BearBoy English — English Learning Adventure for Children

The BearBoy English app is an educational tool that teaches English to little Mandarin speakers through games and stories.

Kids are amazing!

Children who learn a second language start life with powerful advantages. The BearBoy English app helps your child excel with:

  • American-style English language learning
  • Games and stories that teach language and academics
  • Top-ranked preschool approach

BearBoy Goes to School in America

BearBoy is a smart and curious little Bear who is going to pre-school in America. Your child comes along for language learning fun!

Meet your child’s new teacher!

Your child goes to class along with BearBoy and friends — and learns language skills by playing games drawn from pre-school subjects: Math and Science, the World Around Us, and Word Play.

Switch with one-click between English and Mandarin

One click takes you back and forth between English and Mandarin —spoken by native speakers and also shown as text on the screen.

Your child practices new vocabulary with fun Word Banks!

Your child practices key words from games and stories with the Word Bank matching game — the Teacher reads the word and your child matches the sound and image!

Natural language acquisition: Your child learns by listening

Classic fairy and folktales are part of a child’s learning experience in their primary language.  The BearBoy App StoryTime stories feature wonderful artwork and exciting retellings of classic tales — your child will want to listen to these stories again and again.

Brand new StoryTime downloads are updated often!

Learning is fun with BearBoy & Friends!

BearBoy English is the best app for early childhood education language learning success: start your child’s learning adventure now!